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Lamb Chops Chops of tender lamb in a marinade of home – made yoghurt and spices £ 5.50
Sheek Kebab  

Minced lamb infused with fresh herbs, and variety of aromatic spices, onions, and peppers.

£ 3.95
Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices, garlic, and fresh coriander, cooked in charcoal tandoor £ 4.45
Lamb Tikka Boneless lamb marinated in yoghurt, spices, garlic and fresh coriander, cooked in charcoal tandoor £ 4.75
Tandoori Chicken All time favourite £ 4.25
Tandoori King Prawn Marinated with fresh green herbs and spices, cooked in tandoor £ 6.50
Tandoori Mixed Kebab Sheek kebab, chicken tikka and lamb tikka £ 5.95
Chicken Shashlick Skewered chicken with capsicums, tomatoes and onions £ 4.90
Lamb Shashlick Skewered lamb with capsicums, tomatoes and onions £ 5.20
Onion Bhajee Classic onion fritters £ 3.50
King Prawn Butterfly Lightly spiced and fried in ghee £ 6.95
Prawn Cocktail Classic prawn cocktail  
Stuffed pepper South Indian speciality, spicy minced lamb stuffed in a grilled pepper £ 4.50
Meat Samosa   £ 3.75
Vegetable Samosa Pastry filled with seasonal vegetables or spicy mince meat £ 3.35
King Prawn   £ 6.95
Prawn Puri North Indian style prawns served over a puri (flat bread) £ 4.50
Garlic King Prawn Whole king prawn on shell marinated with fresh garlic, green herbs and  spices and cooked in butter sauce £ 6.95
Salmon Ka Tukrah Mildly spiced marinade of fennel, ginger with mustard oil and cooked in the tandoor £ 6.95
Chilli Paneer Desi cheese stir fried with onion, mixed peppers and garlic, tossed together in Worcester sauce £ 3.95
Mach Biran Marinated with aromatic spices, herbs and pan fried with garlic & ginger £ 6.95
Chicken Chaat Diced chicken in house special ground citrus spices £ 4.95
Macher Pakora Fish dipped in spicy chick pea batter, then deep fried £ 5.95
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