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Chef’s Recommendation

Tikka Masala (chicken or lamb) Brittan’s most popular dish in a creamy sauce of fresh tomatoe, almond, coconut and cream – perfect dish for beginners £ 8.95
Karahi (Chicken or Lamb) A Bangladeshi dish, with selected herbs, spices, fresh garlic, fried tomatoes, green peppers and onions £ 8.95
Makhon Chicken A mild and creamy dish with herbs and tandoori spices £ 8.95
Pasanda (chicken or lamb) Marinated chicken or lamb cooked in clay oven, with cream, almonds and yoghurt £ 8.95
Jalpuri (chicken or lamb) Tikka cooked with fried onions, mushrooms and green pepper in Panjabi masala sauce £ 8.95
Chasni Chicken Tikka garnished with almonds, yoghurt and mango chutney (mild) £ 8.95
Garlic Chilli Chicken  Fresh garlic cooked with fresh green chillies in a rich spicy sauce with chicken and minced lamb £ 8.95
Chicken Silsila Cooked with tandoori chicken, tomates, egg, almond with herbs and spices £ 8.95
Zeera Chicken Dish cooked with cumin seeds, green peppers, herbs and spice £ 8.95
Chicken Muchamman Chicken Tikka cooked with green beans, garnished with herbs and spices (hot) £ 8.95
Rezella (chicken or lamb) A very hot dish with selected herbs and spices topped with green chilli, green pepper and a touch of dark soya sauce £ 8.95
Persian Chicken Cooked with aromatic hot home made chilli pickle £ 8.95
Sylhet Special Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with citrus full grown in north of Bangladesh, lightly spiced with herbs (hot) £ 8.95
Achari (Chicken or lamb) Dish prepared with chicken or lamb in the tandoor then cooked in a moist sauce of raw mango pickle, peppers, tomatoes and a variety of herbs and spices £ 9.50
Bengal Chicken Chicken pieces prepared in chilli and coriander spicy sauce £ 9.50
Tandoori Murgi Masala Combining chicken and minced lamb with boiled egg £ 9.90
Stir Fry (Chicken or lamb) Strips of chicken or lamb stir fried in wok with spices, onion, peppers, mushroom and sweet corn. Served with pilau rice and salad £ 12.95
Jhinga Lajawab King prawns with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and flavoured coriander leaves with a hint of lemon with garam masala £ 13.95
Aawas (Chicken or Lamb ) Chicken or lamb pieces cooked in mango pulp and yoghurt gravy £ 9.50
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